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Announcing an On-line Teleplay


Saturday, May 16, 2020 from 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Eastern

Canadian Association for Play Therapy

Tele-health has long been utilized to provide medical services (both consultation and treatment) especially in remote geographical areas. Tele-health resources can support interactions when therapists cannot travel to children, youth and families or it is unsafe to do so.

Participants in this web based course will hear from therapists who have experience using digital tools in mental health service provision.

Course Facilitator: Theresa Fraser CYC-P, CPT-S, RP, MA, RCT

This online course will address the following learning outcomes:

Identify the benefits and challenges of teleplay therapy.

  • Identify requirements for a successful and ethical teleplay therapy videoconferencing service offering
  • Identify how your informed consent forms and office practices need to be adapted to include tele-playtherapy
  • Review play therapy models that can be utilized in a tele-play therapy setting.
  • Identify healing tools that can be utilized to create a tele-playtherapy kit for children, youth and families that we support
  • Practice using tele-play therapy with other course participants.

Participants are required to have a:

Sound cancelling headset or confidential room to participate in

  • A computer with a web camera

Healing tools that include:

20 miniature toys of the participants choosing

  • Drawing paper
  • crayons and markers
  • A shoe box, cardboard box
  • Rice or sand in a small plastic container
  • A few bibliotherapy books about topics the children and youth/ families that you support are working through or experiencing.

After registration, handouts will be made available for you to print out and use during the training.

Fees: $75.00 + HST

To access more information go to the Training tab at:

To register:

CAPT Announcement

Foundation Play Therapy Training in Summer 2020

Moving to On-Line, Live Instructor Lead Training.

The Canadian Association for Play Therapy (CAPT) announces in an unprecedented change that, although we are unable to offer the Face to Face Foundation Play Therapy training days in Toronto this year, we are making a move to offer on-line training in its place. This training will take place on-line at the same time and dates previously advertised.

Our CAPT Committees and Board of Directors have acted responsibly and made some significant changes to how we do business. These changes will pertain to 2020 for now and from there, a determination about future offerings will be examined and presented.

  1. In person Foundation Play Therapy Training previous planned for the weekdays between July 6 to August 14, 2020 will be rescheduled to be offered on-line.
  2. Nothing will change in this teaching. You will receive real time instruction of the same caliber and curriculum as advertised with the same Learning Outcomes.
  3. The training will include the ability to ask questions, to dialogue and to break out into separate rooms for group work, sharing and discussion.
  4. The training platform is 256 end-to-end encrypted and is presented under the Personal Health Information Protection Act Guidelines, allowing the instructor to present cases while adhering to privacy.
  5. Instruction will be taught by our regular high quality and fully experienced CAPT Play Therapy instructors.
  6. The Foundation Play Therapy Credits previously outlined as being allowed for 25% on-line and 75% in person training has been waived temporarily and all Foundation Training will be accepted for foundation credits starting immediately.
  7. The learning platform will allow for daily quizzes, polls and evaluations.
  8. This training WILL NOT be recorded for future viewing.


  1. Fees will be decreased to Members: $190 per day and Non-Members $220 per day + HST.
  2. Those who have already registered and wish to continue with their training, will be reimbursed the extra fees. If you wish to cancel the face to face training, full refunds will be processed.
  3. Those who are situated in remote areas will have the opportunity to attend this training without the extra expense of travel and accommodations.

For more information, Click Here

Happy Playing!


Elizabeth A. Sharpe CAE

Executive Director